Yes! You CAN wear black to a wedding

black to a wedding

If you are ever wondering if you can wear black to a wedding, the answer is and will always be yes. Gone are the old days, we are here now in our time where black is everything. You can totally wear it in every occasion. Black nowadays is so fashionable, just put the right accessories and you can already rock the day. Black is cool, chic, and elegant.

black to a wedding

I was part of the entourage to my cousin’s wedding so I’ve decided to make my own dress. This was my design and I was the one who sew it. My design and the way I sew it still needs improvement but I’m so proud of my creation. I’ve never sew a dress before this but I love to design clothes (although I’m not good at drawing) on the back of my notebook when I was still studying.

black to a wedding   with the coolest momma in town

Behind the black to a wedding

I designed this black dress based on my body shape. Let’s talk about front first, I made it a v-line to emphasize the neck and to make my small chest looks bigger. I like a high-low bottom so I could look taller. I look taller even I changed to flat shoes (talking about long-term, I’m not used to wearing heels and my feet will die if I didn’t change). And the back, actually this isn’t the original design that I did. Since this was my first time to sew a dress, I didn’t know how to sew the design I made. So I just make it like this and I added the cute ribbon at the back. I think that my back was too sexy so it will be like sexy but cute.

black to a wedding black to a wedding black to a wedding black to a wedding

Don’t worry if you think I stole the bride’s thunder because of my not so revealing back, no I didn’t! She was too beautiful that day and she was the only one in white so no one took her thunder.

What do you think about my design and about wearing black to a wedding? Let me know what you think, that’s so important to me.

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  1. Oh wow, that’s so cool of you to be able to design and create exactly what you wanted. It’s actually a pretty dress and you’re right the ribbon at the back makes it look sexy. I haven’t attended a wedding for quite a long time so I haven’t had the chance to wear black. Your idea is really nice.

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