Why I want an OPPO F1S?

Why I want an OPPO F1S

Why I want an OPPO F1S

So, Why I want an OPPO F1S? When I was at the Mall, I saw the OPPO store and try all the model cellphone. And the very first I tried was the OPPO F1S because of course, I’ve been eyeing on that one badly. I tried it because I want to prove if all the things I’ve researched are true. Although I like the entire model phones and it was ALL very affordable. I also like their innovation that is quick touch. I tried OPPO phones before and to tell you honestly, my experience isn’t good but I like their design. But now, I already really loved it! I loved it to the point that I want to have one. OPPO F1S has a lot of features that you will surely love.

I already blogged about it if you want to read about it click on each pictures below for each topic.

My favorite feature of OPPO F1S is the 0.22 seconds touch access. as I’ve said on my post “The best features of OPPO F1S” that I always have a moment that I have to take a picture of someone or something in a snap. Like when I was in a hurry or I need to hurry because the subject might be gone in a while. I love this quick touch! In just 0.22 seconds I can voila! touch and captured! Who doesn’t want a phone with a very quick touch access? Everybody wants it! and take note! I tried this one when I was in the store at the mall and baby! this one is amazing!!

Why I want an OPPO F1S
That is why I want the OPPO F1S!

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Why I want an OPPO F1S

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Why I want an OPPO F1S

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