What to wear in park?

What to wear in park

Whenever I want to just relax I always want to go to wherever I can breathe fresh air and do something fun. In my last post (click the link to see my last post) in Things to do in Nuvali, Laguna I mentioned that Nuvali is my go to place. But what should I wear when I want to go there or somewhere some park? What to wear in park?

What to wear in Park?

First things first! I ask myself if it is wearable. and I don’t want to go somewhere like I’m wearing a costume just for the sake of #ootd. I always go for basic but still stylish. Or should I say shorts and t-shirt but make it sure it will still be stylish. So, shorts and t-shirt will always be wearable, basic, and most of all stylish.

What to wear in park

Second, is it comfortable? Not because it’s just basic, it’s always comfortable. I go for this super cute ombre shorts that my mom gave to me. It’s not too loose nor too tight, just fits me very well. Very well I can even do biking for an hour uphill and downhill. Plus, this simple shoes that is too comfortable! Happy feet, man, happy feet! Happy feet, indeed. No doubt! I also choose white top to make it cool in the eyes. I don’t want to look too bright under the high temperature of the Philippines.

What to wear in parkThings to do in Nuvali What to wear in park

Third, is this stylish? I just added a cute small flower bag and of course my favorite fashion item, shades. I won’t survive a fashion day without it. And I’m good to go!

What to wear in parkWhat to wear in park

These are the answers to your question what to wear in park. Wearable, comfortable, and stylish are the things to remember in the question what to wear in park.

What do you think of my what to wear in  park outfit? Share it in the comment box below.

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