What to wear – I’m going somewhere

what to wear

I’m going somewhere – What to wear

Jay, tagged me along in their yearly reunion and my number one problem is, of course, what to wear? I want something casual but still chic. Shorts is very comfortable especially in the weather here in Philippines. There is something in black shorts, for me, I can wear casually yet looks semi-formal. Paired it with the black t-shirt with white design because I simply liked it. Actually, it’s Jay’s but I think he never wants to wear it at all. My favorite pink purse and white slippers shouldn’t get lost in my outfit. I love pairing pink purse and white slippers/shoes or white purse and pink slippers/shoes. I love the combination, I feel calm whenever I’m with that combination.

My favorite fashion item that never would I ever miss in my entire life is my sunnies. Sunnies/shades/sunglasses, whatever you call it, that will always be my favorite fashion piece.

I was too lazy to do a level-up hair style so I just clip it in side and put a flower clip. This is my go to hair style, so simple yet so chic. This hairstyle always saves me whenever I’m on a rush.

what to wear what to wear what to wear what to wear what to wearwhat to wear what to wear what to wear

That is my what to wear – I’m going somewhere, what do you think, guys?

How about you, what is your ‘what to wear – I’m going somewhere” outfit? Share it in the comment box below.

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Sun glasses (Sunnies) , Purse (Mumi), Shirt (similar here)

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