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A week of my first Singapore experience

first Singapore experience

Talking about my first time of doing something on previous post, today is my another first time experience. My first Singapore experience was my first time to travel international alone, yes I was alone. Jay went there already 3 days before, because that was his job. I still have class and again I can’t afford to miss so I followed when I was available. So, that’s why I traveled international alone and went home alone because I can’t leave class for a longer time, but Jay was still there when I leave Singapore. I’ve survived first time plane ride so the next adventure for me is travelling for a longer time outside the country. First, I was nervous because I don’t know what to do in the airport, how will I get to the airport, how will I survived 3 ½  hours alone, and everything. Since first time is always exciting, I want my first Singapore experience to be memorable (as always), and something I will laugh at in the near future.

Preparation for my first Singapore experience

I went to class in the morning before I leave the Philippines in the evening. I joined shuttle from Buendia to Resort’s World and stayed there until another shuttle going to the Terminal 3 is available. Why did I do that, Mom said I should go with our driver but I rejected it. Anyway I was already in Manila so I’ve decided to go in the airport alone instead of making the driver pick me up in Manila and send me in the airport and then go home (sayang gas). I enjoyed my alone time though. I keep on taking pictures inside RWM and try not to eat there because I scheduled eating at the airport so I have something to do aside from playing cellphone games. During boarding, my seatmate keeps on talking to me but I was not friendly but I answered all her questions. I’m afraid maybe it was a modus (It was really funny). But then I realized, Ate was just being nice because it was her nth time traveling to Singapore.

I was aware of the 3 ½ hours flight so I saved 2 movies in my tablet which I could watch later on. I choose X-men: The last stand and X-men: First Class. I’ve watched these movies many times already but I still want to watch it a thousand times. I can’t appreciate the clouds when I looked out the window because I can’t see anything, too dark outside. I started to watch the movie and survived the 3 ½ hours flight without being bored. Yay! I was so happy, because I panicked when I learned I have to endure 3 ½ hours flight alone. Ha ha ha! It’s time to get my baggage and when I found it in the conveyor belt I was so happy, because that was the first time I did that and I was alone (I’m like Yay! I found my bag!).

Singapore Night Lights

first Singapore experience

OOTD – Schol / Travel / Plane outfit

The following days during my first Singapore experience

Since Jay has work to do in the morning ‘till evening I was alone again for the whole day. I explore the nearby places and of course I was lost because I was trying to find the McDonald’s, I have a map though. I saw a mall where I know there were lots of food selections but I still want McDonald’s. Because McDonald’s has different recipes on different countries and I want to try Singapore’s. In the afternoon I went to Marina Bay Sands but I didn’t take any pictures because I realized that I brought an empty battery camera. I just enjoyed the surroundings and watched the people doing their own things. I came back there in the evening, this time with Jay and a camera with a fully charged battery. He was kind of tired but he still tried to make up with me and did a quick tour in the area. I became his tour guide though.

first Singapore experience

First of all, essentials!

The next day I went out again alone and still looking for McDonald’s but that time I saw someone selling Ice cream on the streets and bought myself a piece for 1 SGD, something to eat after my lunch. They’re quite generous in their dirty ice cream’s size and I was so happy for that. Oh even McDonald’s servings are quite big. I was struggling to finish my order but I enjoyed it, it was so delicious. Jay and I explored Marina Bay sands again but it was on the other side. I forgot the exact place but we had a better view of Marina Bay’s light show. We had a little photo shoot and a lot of walking. I think we spend a lot of time walking than any other thing in Singapore, but walking is a good exercise and I always love to walk.

first Singapore xperience

Friday OOTD

first Singapore experience

Friday OOTN

Weekends of my first Singapore experience

First thing on a Saturday morning we went to little India to do some dollar exchange because dollar exchange was quite high there compare to any other dollar exchange places, and that one was near our place. After that, we were so excited to go to Universal Studios. Going there was the highlight of my first Singapore experience (I will be doing a separate post about it). On a Sunday we bought a lot of pasalubong (of course) in Mustafa. You can find cheapest product there, a better option if you will buy in big numbers. In the afternoon and the rest of the day we spent our time enjoying with Jay’s cousins who is working in Singapore. The next morning I went home alone because I already have class. Guys, Archie Alemanya is just a seat away from me. He even borrowed my pen on our way to the immigration exit. I was so kilig! Hihi!

And here’s a thing, I have this silly thinking (result of watching a lot of movies) that If I went to plane’s bathroom I might eject myself so I hold my bladder for 2 hours because of that. Ha ha ha! When I stepped out the plane I was rushing to go to the bathroom. I learned my lesson and it never happened again.

first Singapore experience

USS outfit

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