Walk to the moon through his eyes

Walk to the moon through his eyes

Walk to the moon through his eyes

Walk to the moon through his eyes. Happy 8th anniversary to my part-time lover and full time best friend. It’s just like yesterday I hated this man, and the next time I realized we helped each other to grow. Whenever I’m with him it feels like it’s a walk to the moon. Why? ah, I don’t know ha ha ha! and I can’t explain either.

I will not make it long I just want to share this small video and take a look at our simplest day well spent with unexpected bonus. An afternoon we never expected with a stunning rainbow that I’ve seen long before. and just said to myself, the unicorn is passing by over the rainbow. It’s such a perfect backdrop for us and the people in the place around us. But it seems that they are too busy with their phones that they never realized that there’s a rainbow on that very moment. Maybe, it’s Jesus’ way of saying “you don’t see what I’m doing but you’ll like it”. Or maybe, “pay attention on what’s around you” or just simply “hey! look up!”. I’m so thankful to him in every way.

I just want to share here the tips for a longer relationship based on my experience and some things I learned from him.

Walk to the moon through his eyes

What I learned from him

  • Mean things that other people say is never important. But I told him that constructive criticism is REALLY good! and it REALLY helps us, every time.
  • Learn to forgive (and his way of saying “God, make her forget it forever”).
  • Be more independent.
  • How not to get lost if I’m in an unfamiliar place.
  • Laugh at everything (seriously, everything!)
  • I am beautiful and extraordinary, whatever happened to my face and body.
  • Whenever I’m angry, I’m just hungry.
  • Fighting is not worth it (He’ll video myself whenever I’m angry and we’ll laugh together later)
  • To get what you want, you have to work for it (ok, I was kind of spoiled brat)
  • Your only enemy is yourself

Tips for a longer relationship

  • Let him have a life. Let him do his thing so he’ll let you do your own thing too.
  • Don’t be his 2nd mom, he already have a mother.
  • Don’t expect him to be your dad and give you everything you want or you ask for, work for you self!
  • Be his bestest best friend. So he wouldn’t need to run to anybody if what he really need is you.
  • Love yourself completely and then love him and never expect anything in return.

Walk to the moon through his eyes


I hope you learn a thing or two in this post or in the video.

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