Vintage – Travel back in time

Vintage dress

There is something, I called connection, between me and everything vintage. Something I couldn’t explain and only I could understand. Sometimes I feel I was born long before and just given a chance to experience the world of today. You would say I’m an old fashioned person if you know me. And yes, I’m kind of old fashioned.

Why Vintage?

Vintage things always fascinated me like the beauty of the old places (let me take you in a day of the past), architectures, and etc. Sometimes I wonder what Manila Bay looks like and if I could ever smell the fresh air and water of it.

More than that, vintage fashion is what I like the most. I’m always visiting my mother’s closet for vintage finds. And happily, I found a lot that really makes my heart dance. But this dress, I found it on the clothesline and learned that it’s my Lola’s. I just borrowed it for some minutes and did some “let me travel back in time” photo shoot moment from today. I enjoyed travelling back in time and imagine countless what ifs and somehow realized some things. And I make sure that the setting is on point.

Vintage dress Vintage dress Vintage dress

Vintage, such a powerful thing to solve some problems of today if only one will figure it out. Just a random thought during my “what ifs”. Or should I say my weirdness?

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