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Things to do in Nuvali, Laguna

Things to do in Nuvali

Nuvali is my go to place if ever I want to unwind, relax, do some activities, and some extreme activities. I never stopped visiting Nuvali ever since I discovered it. There are a lot of things to do in Nuvali from solo traveler to family bonding. As a matter of fact every member of the family will benefit here. You can also spend your whole day here, from breakfast ‘till dinner or if you want you can check-in in a hotel and stay overnight. Above all, it is just located in Sta.Rosa and Calamba. It is so accessible especially to South people. Without further ado, let’s proceed! Shall we?

Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Picnic

Remember your childhood where everybody is on the grass of Picnic Grove Tagaytay? Well, I must say this is the modern Picnic Grove. You can bring your tent and pitch anywhere you want (of course, except on the road). If you don’t have one you can just bring anything that you can sit on. You could go there as early as you want and just stay put, read your favorite books or just breathe fresh air.

  1. Biking

If you are an athlete preparing for a triathlon or something, Nuvali has an awesome trail prepared for you. But if you don’t have any and still want to tour Nuvali, you could rent a bike per hour.  Given these points just don’t forget to bring your ID so you can rent the bike and start the tour by yourself, special someone, or group of friends.

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Feed the school of Koi fish

The school of Koi fish are always hungry even though they were fed by almost a lot of tourists. And take note that you can only feed them with the fish feeds that Nuvali offers.

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Clouds watching

If you are addicted to clouds like me this is the right place. Though not all the time, but the best month I’ve witnessed amazing clouds formation was during August and December. You could find different characters from the cloud formation. This is a good bonding for your kids or younger brothers/sisters. Play with them and let them find different animals from the clouds.

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in NuvaliThis one is almost like a painting Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Photo shoot

For wedding, birthdays, valentines, blog posts, product photo shoot you could do all of it in Nuvali. Find the spot you like the most and voila! Picture perfect!

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in NuvaliThings to do in Nuvali

  1. Boating

You could rent the boat and try boating on their man-made lake. The Kuyas will make you scream as if you will all fall but that’s only a trick to make it more exciting. It’s really fun, trust me!

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali

Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Watch the amazing Sunset

Just look at how amazing that sunset from photo below. That was December and everything is almost perfect (except there’s no such thing as perfect). Live in the moment but you could take pictures in just a second and go back to your moment. Who doesn’t want to take photo of that breath taking sunset?

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Wakeboarding

If you’re into extreme sports or you just want to try it. Then go to Republic Wake Park and try your First Wakeboarding experience. You will never ever regret it, promise. Read my first experience here.

  1. Camp N

This is ideal for teambuilding, friendship bonding, whatever bonding, or you just want to try that new thing that Camp-N is offering. This one is the newest attraction. I’ve never tried it but I would love to try this one. Let me warm-up first and Camp N is next in the list. This is kind of similar to Sandbox in Pampanga, but nearer for South people. Click here for more details about Camp N.

  1. Eat

The most important thing of all the things LOL! From breakfast, lunch, dinner to dessert, all your food finds is in Nuvali. Pizza, Rice, Burger, or Cake just Name it. Wear your loose clothes and be ready as it tightens at the end of the day.

Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali Things to do in Nuvali

Things to do in Nuvali

  1. Shopping

Second most favorite of all time. There are malls in Nuvali for shopping enthusiast and they also have factory outlet for sale hoarders. You can also find S&R in Nuvali and start grocery shopping.

  1. Watch a movie

Sometimes, Nuvali plays a movie for everyone for free. In fact, it’s like a music festival, you’ll sit on the grass though they provided a chair but hey! It’s more fun to sit on the grass. An outdoor movie place with a large screen and a very good sound. And take note that there are food stalls around it so you don’t have to worry getting hungry. I tried this one but I don’t have a picture because I don’t know where I put it or saved it.

  1. Staycation

If you don’t want the outdoor life you can stay in Seda Hotel in Nuvali and just enjoy the indoor life. I didn’t try to stay here yet but if Seda will give me an opportunity I’ll be very happy and I’ll share to you guys what is it like to staycation in Seda Nuvali. Click here for more information about Seda Hotel Nuvali.

Just like what Nuvali said “Nuvali is a haven where man and nature coexist”, I couldn’t agree more.  There are a lot of things to do in Nuvali, don’t you think? If I ever missed an activity, say it in the comment box below and share it to the world.

14. Magical Field of Lights

This is new as of December 2016, you can check my full story here. Though I think that this is only every Christmas season.


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