The most comfortable shoes for women

most comfortable shoes for women

Friends, do you ever have a problem like which is the most comfortable shoes for women? I mean did you found the most comfortable shoes of your dreams? The perfect footwear for you ever? Since college we don’t have a uniform so I need a good footwear for everyday school. But I always keep on changing, countless buying and buy again, ugh! I never found a perfect one. During those days I have 3 kinds of foot wear and I labelled them as:

  1. Fashionable durable who hurts me

This foot wear was so cute I really like the design of it and so durable even if you use it everyday 30 days a moth 7 days a week it is still wearable (How do I know? because I see it in others’ feet). But the problem is it my feet hurts  badly, but I am most comfortable before I bought it but when I finally used it, it hurts big time that I want to curse it and throw it away. I cannot stand anymore, I used to have a “tocino-like” heel bone (I swear! I want to upload pictures just to show everyone but no! I don’t want to scare people haha) both heel bone! So what I did is I gave it away to someone who can use it but will not be hurt.

I don’t know how that happened because it really fits me when I’m still trying it. Bakit nga ba? Because I bought it in the morning, someone told me. Our feet is smaller in the morning and bigger in the afternoon, she said. So after that I always buy footwear in the afternoon, and most of the time in the evening just to be sure. I don’t want to buy another expensive shoes that will make a “tocino-like” heel bone. I can’t walk smoothly for a week after that. Oh! things I want to forget but I can’t.

2. Fashionable, most comfortable  but not durable

I invested on this footwear because it was most comfortable at the same time it was fashionable for everyday school (I used to wear t-shirt with different color and a jeans so I want my shoes to be always fashionable). But the rain comes and then the typhoon, elementary and high school are the only human being who are exempted to go to school, college are immortal in their eyes. I can’t skip class because we have an exam or I just can’t use my absences anymore because I already exceed the maximum amount of allowable absences (too bad). So I don’t have a choice but to go to school and wait for dismissal to welcome and greet the flood in Intramuros.

I opted to walk than to ride a pedicab that cost 20php on regular days and 70php on flood days. But then I realized that I should have spend 70php than to let my shoes ruined by flood, too late. Guys, flood ruined my shoes because I used to washed it a lot because you know typhoon days is not just 1 day in the whole year and then after I washed it multiple times it left me. But then I realized that I should have brought slippers instead but I didn’t think of that during those days, instead I bought one in underpass. By the way, I have lots of 50php slippers way back because I always forgot to bring my own slippers.

3. Fashionable, cheap, not durable, and it hurts me

This one is cute but not durable but this one is so cheap that I used to buy a lots of it. This is the one that I always keep an eye on whenever I pass the underpass because they were so cute and fashionable but every time I buy these footwear my feet always surrender. It doesn’t gave me a “tocino-like” heel bone but it’s just not the most comfortable shoes for women whenever I’m wearing it or what they call it “tiis-ganda”. because It’s too cute that’s the only reason I want to buy it. So what I do is I’m wearing it when I enter school but when I’m already inside the room I changed it to slippers. I don’t want my feet to hate me forever. And slippers are only allowed during typhoon days.

What is the most comfortable shoes for women?

So that is my 3 kinds of footwear dilemma until I found this wonderful footwear. Too bad I didn’t found it when I’m still studying but still thankful I found it. I found it when my mom first had it, I used to question her, what kind of slipper is that, that is too expensive and too simple! What’s the mystery behind it?!. So she let me try it and………… after I tried it I don’t want to gave it back to her anymore! (although it’s a bit big for me) oh man that is the perfect footwear ever! I immediately bought myself one and my feet suddenly loves me oh boy! I never experienced such most comfortable shoes for women like this FitFlop! I swear!

It is the most comfortable shoes for women that sometimes I forgot that I already walking for a long time! The only problem is my leg muscle because I do a lot of walking because my feet never surrender unlike before. So I purchase another one and I want to purchase another because I saw a cuter design. Rain or shine it’s so durable, It never let me down.

I also ignored using slippers because it was flat and my feet gets hurts after a few minutes of walking. This FitFlop is perfect for my feet, their designs, and material is all perfect. I love the innovation of this footwear. I’m using this everyday as a substitute to my slippers and do a lot of walking and never get tired except for my leg muscle. These pictures are proof that I undeniably love FitFlop. FitFlop is the footwear of my dream and the most comfortable shoes for women.

The most comfortable shoes for women

The most comfortable shoes for womenThe most comfortable shoes for womenThe most comfortable shoes for women

I’m always wearing my FitFlop anywhere I go and it really never fail me. I also use it on my smart casual outfit but unfortunately I don’t have pictures. I never expected that I could find a perfect footwear for me that’ll last a long time after my traumatic experience during college. Classic, durable, and of course the most comfortable shoes for women to wear for a long time. I hope they could have a doll shoes or they already have I just don’t know it yet?

Why I keep on telling shoes? Mine are just sandals 😉

How about you? Have you found the perfect footwear for you or the footwear of your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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