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Taking #PerfectOOTD with OPPO F1S

taking #perfectOOTD

Friday in Singapore and Taking #PerfectOOTD

I think anywhere in the world if it’s Friday it is always friyay! Taking #perfectOOTD on a Friday night is better. After Jay’s work we went to the nearest mall and tried another food. Every night for us was food adventure because during noon I always ate McDonalds or 7-11 lunch pack (sometimes I made it as a snack, yes rice as a snack). I don’t have the guts to try new foods alone (except the ice cream). I’ll try this someday, trying new foods (or street foods) alone and I’ll keep you posted. That would be my first time, after all. I didn’t do much that day because I was recharging myself for our Friday in Singapore ultimate stroll. Jay and I did a lot of walking when we were in Singapore, but I’m used to it, my college days had an almost endless walking days.

taking the #perfectOOTD

We wandered a different route and as expected we got lost even though we have the app that helped us to go places (I forgot the name of the app). But getting lost with special someone is amazing (for me), because it’s another adventure and you can’t rely on someone else except each other. Plus, we don’t have a Singapore load to contact friends or family. So, as always, we helped each other so that we could reach our destinations and we did. Singapore has a friendly but tricky streets (we saw some entrance/exit in the middle of the street and realized that’s a train station). When we reached our destination, Marina Bay’s light show welcomed us and we were in awe and we really did appreciate it. That was like a welcome party for us. If there’s only light show here in the Philippines we will go there every day.

taking the #perfectOOTD

Taking #PerfectOOTD

We can’t help but took a lot of pictures and wandered the nearby places. The views are amazing! Taking #perfectOOTD or OOTN has never been this easy. Each corner is worthy of taking #perfectOOTD . But really, how could you take a perfect ootd? Here are some tips (from my perspective) that might help you:

  1. Find a good camera

This one is the most important. You cannot have a good picture no matter how good you look on your OOTD. Oppo F1s has the 13MP rare camera. You could take clearer photos, almost like this one under and Oppo F1S is just a phone. So, you could bring anywhere everywhere with you without extra weight on your bag. You may see the complete specs here.

taking the #perfectOOTD

  1. Have a good pose

Who doesn’t want to pose on an almost perfect moment (with a nice camera and OOTD). Pose like as if you’re a model and own that moment. No one could take that perfect moment away of you taking #perfectOOTD.

taking the #perfectOOTD taking the #perfectOOTDtaking the #perfectOOTD taking the #perfectOOTD taking the #perfectOOTD

  1. Dress your best

You don’t need the most expensive pair of clothing just the ones that fits perfectly to you. And of course, show your personal style and make sure you’re comfortable with it. So you will be relaxed while taking #perfectOOTD.

taking the #perfectOOTD

  1. Enjoy

Lastly, of course, you must enjoy. When someone saw, that you are enjoying on your photos, they will automatically enjoy it too. They will also feel happy and you might not know you could empower someone in your own simple way. So, always remember, enjoy! Enjoying is free and a good way to live your life.

taking the #PerfectOOTDtaking the #perfectOOTDtaking the #perfectOOTD

Taking perfect #OOTD is as easy as you think. After taking lots of pictures and enjoying the light show it’s time to take a rest.

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    1. Hi busyandfab,

      Maybe it’s more visible outside. Here’s a postcard for you (sorry for the not so good quality, that’s actually a video). For your next visit in Singapore, the light show starts at around 9-9:30pm. 🙂
      First Singapore Experience

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