ShopBack and get your CASH BACK: ShopBack PH

Online shop and get your CASH BACK: ShopBack Philippines

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Have you ever got paid every time you went shopping? Or like did someone told you “’hey! Go shopping and I’ll pay you for that!” This is the most pleasurable thing you could ever experience!
You buy and they will pay you for getting yourself your needs and wants. With ShopBack it is POSSIBLE! Yes! No kidding!  Every time you shop with them they will pay you. The more you shop, the more they will pay you. It’s not only that! While you can earn points and/or discounts while using your credit card, you can also get discounts on other store when you go online shopping.

Basically, ShopBack gets their commission from your favorite online shopping stores and divide this commission to us (the shoppers) as cashback. ShopBack has 500+ more online shopping store partners and here are a few that probably your favorites: Lazada , Zalora , Sephora and many more.

wandering posh

They offers numerous discounts, when you go online shopping and earn discounts (from your favorite online shopping stores) + discounts from your credit card company (depends on their terms and conditions) + credits from ShopBack (every time you shop) = AMAZING HASSLE FREE LIFE.

I’ve realized that shopping is never been this rewarding. A gigantic table of discounts and promos are already served; all you have to do is grab it now! Just sign up at ShopBack and start the heavenly online shopping experience. You don’t want to miss all of these discounts, don’t you?

Still not convinced?

Check this out!

Here are a few examples of your cash back and/or discounts on ShopBack:

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Sign-up Bonus

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Free 100 PhP if you sign up!

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And your cash back starts when you start to shop!

When you click on your favorite online shopping store you can get another cash back that you can add from your free 100PhP cash back. Example is when you want to shop products at ShopBack you can have a 4% cash back. Sometimes it can be as high as 10% so you might want to check them regularly! That one’s huge!


When you refer a friend and make them sign up you’ll get another cash back. They also have random flash sale so you better check them regularly.

ShopBack ShopBack

They also have exclusive voucher codes that surely you don’t want to miss!

ShopBack offers:

Free 100Php + cash back + discount vouchers! Such an amazing shopping experience!

ShopBack can give everything you want and like:

  • Fashion needs (Clothes, Bags, Accessories, etc)
  • Electronics and Gadgets (Camera, Power bank, Phone, etc)
  • Travel needs Hotels /Rooms/Accommodations)
  • Beauty needs ( Face and Skin Care, Make-up, Personal care, etc)

Everything is in ShopBack, This is perfect! What else could you ask for?

ShopBack is perfect for my wandering time, from the things I’ll wear (head to toe), from the things I need like the power banks, chargers, and other backpacking necessities. I can travel with complete supplies with a style. Thanks to ShopBack with cash back with loaded of discounts. One-stop shop hassle free experience indeed.

ShopBack started on 2014 from Singapore, Malaysia, and now Philippines. I was lucky for giving the chance to try ShopBack and now I can’t help it to always choose ShopBack whenever I go online shopping.

ShopBack is a must!


For your immediate shopping needs.

The website is secured so you don’t have to worry about your transactions. 🙂


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