First wakeboarding experience in Nuvali

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Wakeboarding experience

I can say that I have a new found love! At first I was hesitant to try this water adventure because I’m not the sporty type of person but I love adventure so I decided to give this one a try.I hate dirty water that’s why I don’t want to try this because I’m afraid my skin became itchy because I have super sensitive skin. But I feel that there is something that keeps pushing me to try this wakeboarding thing, so I google everything about the wakeboarding thing and decided I should must try this thing. I suddenly got too excited to try the wakeboarding. I immediately called my nephew who also wants to try this thing.

video added 10/30/15

What to prepare for your first wakeboarding experience?

First things first, don’t forget to bring a pen to avoid inconvenience because you need to register first and they only have 3 pens for their numerous customers.
The pro area is different from the beginner area. The beginner area is located behind the swimming pool area and that is where we’ve tried our wakeboarding skills. 
It looks easy but if you’re the one to do that it’s soooo amazingly difficult but practicing things will always save you and it is undoubtedly fun! especially when you learn to stand up on your board the whole time! It is an achievement indeed. 
Although I can’t make my first hour to the finish line I really enjoyed it although I have muscle pain.
Here’s a tip: DO stretching before you try wakeboarding because it really helps! 
As I was saying earlier I hate dirty water. But hey! I thought the water is dirty but it’s not! My skin didn’t get itchy and I accidentally drink water also (that makes me praning) but nothing happened I just drink Yakult (ok ka ba tiyan) immediately just to be sure. Hihi! Their water maintenance is really good! Thumbs up! The water is clean although the color seems not.
You can wear anything. Swimsuit, pajamas, shorts, long sleeves, anything as long as you are comfortable.
You can bring shampoo and soap. Bathroom is free of use for taking a bath after your wakeboarding experience. I have to say this, I am a clean freak! I can’t use bathroom that is not clean. I’m just thankful that their bathroom is clean and I so love it and I’m so happy.
Have Fun! 🙂

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