plastic straw alternatives

Top 3 Plastic Straw Alternatives

Plastic straw alternatives is a must because nowadays you can see plastic straw everywhere especially in our ocean. Unfortunately, most of it is inside our favorite fish. Most of it can’t be reuse so they ended up in our landfill. Most often, they’re burned and release toxins in the air. More and more people are using plastic straw everyday which is unnecessary. It is only used once and thrown away. Or if used more than once could end up to a serious health problem. Since when did using plastic straw is necessary? Consumers will always blame the business industry for endless producing such waste products. Corporations in turn will oppose that they are only meeting supply and demand. Neither of them is wrong. The actual problem is if both sides don’t want to change their behavior.

For example, look no further in our country’s favorite coffee shops. You could bring your own cup and reusable straw nowadays and could get a discount. But still, there are people who are not aware or they just don’t want to.

Finally, there are growing campaigns and/or advocates to the rescue. They make people stop using plastic straw and go for plastic straw alternative.

Look at these photos I see on Google, and these are just a few of many heart breaking photos I’ve found.

plastic straw alternatives

plastic straw alternatives

plastic straw alternatives
All these 3 photos are from Google

Also, watch this sad video.


Here are the top 3 sustainable plastic straw alternatives and where to find them

  1. Stainless Steel Straw
Food grade stainless steel straw might be your first plastic straw alternative. Because we use stainless steel utensils for everyday, why not a stainless steel straw? It is reusable; your successors could still use it. It’s easy to clean and great to use for travelling especially for children. They won’t break fast. They are stylish, if ever it matters to you.

You can find regular, milk tea, and bent food grade stainless steel straw in GoZero PH. While you can find bent stainless steel straw in every color and also a food grade in Klean Kanteen . You could start using it and try to make your family use it like I did. Next thing is to influence your friends and tell them to influence their other friends and so on – which I also did.

plastic straw alternatives

  1. Bamboo Straw

Bamboo straws are biodegradable and reusable. It is a natural and organic straw, a product of nature. It is more Eco-friendly than any other straw alternatives. Plus if you buy this you also help our local farmers. When you reach the life span of the bamboo straw you could put it in compost. Or if it ends up in a landfill it will still decompose itself. But you rather put it in compost than in a trash bin. In that way you will not contribute to the toxic landfill. You can find different sizes of bamboo straw with cute bamboo casing in BambuhayPH .

plastic straw alternativesplastic straw alternatives


  1. Glass Straw

We’ve been using glass cup in our house for ages and why not glass straws? The only problem I can see here is this is too fragile and might break fast. And I don’t know where you could find one. But if you happen to know any, please inform me or comment it down below so others could also know.

Say YES to Plastic Straw Alternatives

If you’re thinking that using these alternatives is not convenient. Because you have to wash it every after you use it even while you’re in the mall while having fun. Think again! Many individual is still using plastic straw everyday, don’t be like them, stand out and be the change. You are well informed now, you should know what to do. Remember to always think for the long term effect. It’s might be a little hassle. But after years and years less people or there might be none at all will contribute in the use of plastic straw.
Ordering your drinks by using your plastic straw alternatives is a small sacrifice. But a huge step to reducing the amount of plastic we produce and waste.
Let’s say YES to helping the environment.

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