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OPPO F1S Travel Essentials

OPPO F1S Travel Essentials

OPPO F1S: Travel Essentials

OPPO F1S Travel Essentials. You want your time to be spent wisely every time you’ll travel. Some people want their itinerary to be followed as it is. Though some are not but still time is very important when you go travel. Especially in our digital world filled with pictures. We want every detail of our travel to be captured. But if you don’t have a fast and responsive camera or cellphone camera, you are already doomed. You’ll going to waste a minute of your time waiting for that digital something to respond.

What if there’s a rainbow like in this Instagram post. The rainbow will not wait for your slow-responsive phone camera or whatever camera you’re holding at that moment. You need to capture it quickly, you would want a quick touch access for that. Because hey, you are travelling. You might not see or experience that moment ever again. So, you would want to record it as quickly as possible.

But my problem is, my almost 4-year-old phone is dying now. Although it survived 6 ft.  free-fall, swimming, and etc. it has a lot of complications now and I’m planning to get a new phone. The number one in my list is OPPO F1S, the selfie expert with my favorite quick touch access—done before you notice. I need a new phone now with cutting-edge specs but also affordable.

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OPPO F1S Travel Essentials

I’m going on a new adventure next month and I badly need a cutting-edge travel essential. I suppose OPPO F1S is the answer.

I hope I could be able to finally get this OPPO F1S that I’m so in love with.

OPPO F1S Travel Essentials


OPPO F1S Travel Essentials

It’s not only the quick touch access, but also the camera quality, overall design, and its 3 GB ram. You don’t want a quick touch access but has no high-speed ram, don’t you? This OPPO F1S Travel Essentials is such a cutting-edge innovation.

Check it out here for more details.


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