Naturactor Review- Acne Makeup

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The Acne Makeup that you’ve been dreaming of!

Thank God I found this Naturactor acne makeup. But I admit I’m not a fan of liquid and cream foundation or concealers because of the heavy feeling in my face whenever I apply it. The cakiness is the other reason (cakiness is next to ugliness). I don’t know why, but every time I’m using liquid and cream foundation/concealer (thin or thick layer) it always became cakey. Pimples everywhere! Although I just applied the foundation a minute ago oh man! I still get a lot of pimples and it is really annoying! I still don’t know why! maybe I just don’t know how to apply it properly, but all this foundation slash concealer nightmare is OVER ever since I found this miraculous naturactor. Sad to say it is from Japan but there’s always the good paaaart! The good part is that I found a reseller of this amazing naturactor acne makeup and Thanks God for that! 🙂

What’s with Acne Makeup?

Back to the product, this acne makeup is really amazing that when the I applied to my face even in just a single swipe I look oh so fresh and I achieved that natural look. It seems that there is no foundation applied to my face and I also don’t feel anything though. It is super light in the feeling when applied. Goodbye cakiness and most of all pimples no more that wants to pop out every time I applied foundation. I love this acne makeup! magic? It’s a big no no! It is just that this is the power of this naturactor. Thanks to whoever made this product from Meiko Cosmetics. I have a super sensitive skin and this naturactor is my skin’s perfect match.
I use naturactor with a sponge to blend it perfectly on my face. You can also use a flat kabuki brush if you don’t want a sponge. Both can blend perfectly into your face. It is better to use a sponge or brush, but If you don’t have any, you can use your fingers as well.
Mine is shade #130 the lightest shade because it is the perfect shade for me. Next time I’ll buy #171 to cover some blemishes and scars. Indeed an acne makeup, perfect coverage!
acne makeup
Left: imperfect bare face
Right: with naturactor acne makeup, eyebrows, and lipstick. (Almost perfect covered face)

Jojoba Oil, Mica, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

I bought this naturactor from Georgina Sasha

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