To The Crater of Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

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I wanted a Mount Pinatubo Day Tour because I’ve never been to a volcano before. Mt. Pinatubo is the first thing that comes to my mind because it exploded month before I was born (yes, a disaster before I was born). I want to go to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo this time. Mt. Pinatubo is located in Cabusilan Mountains in the Island of Luzon near the tripoint of the Philippines provinces of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga.

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

7:15 AM. 1st thing first! To start our Mount Pinatubo Day Tour, we need to go at the tourism office first to register and to settle the payment. The registration and fee are required for everyone who wants to go to Mt. Pinatubo. By the way, we are 5 in the group (we have 3 Korean new-found friends). We divided the fees for the tour guide and the 4×4 jeepney ride for 5 persons, but the registration fee is for each person.

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour The view from the 4×4 Jeeepney ride going to the crater Mount Pinatubo Day TourA super bumpy ride!

8:15 am Start of the 5 km Mt Pinatubo Trekking

Mount Pinatubo Day TourLook at me, I think I brought my closet here! even my pocket is full!

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

I was so happy and excited to start the trek and has no idea what will happen next.

As usual I’m always excited, almost beyond ecstatic, and the fact that my last trekking was 3 years ago. I Google everything about Mt. Pinatubo and I also wanted a DIY adventure. Almost all of the blog I’ve searched said that it was a really difficult trek. For me, it was OK since I’m the kind of person who can walk for half a day and still happy and willing to walk another half of the day. During my college days I used to walk a billion times anytime and anywhere. But! When I’m already there I was so wrong! I blame myself for underestimating Mt. Pinatubo trek. I got so tired easily even we’re not even halfway to the crater.

My heart beats fast like I’m palpitating! I even defeat the heartbeat of a person who is madly in love. My muscles all over my body started to curse me.  My feet are like it’s trying to run from me. My body wanted to return where we came from but my mind wants to conquer myself and seems that it doesn’t want to process the stimulus it’s receiving. Why is my body like this? Maybe:

  • I was sick a week before the trek.
  • I suffer from my “those days” a week before the trek.
  • I wander the North but I’m from the South.
  • I only sleep for 2 ½ hours prior the trek.
  • I didn’t eat big breakfast.
  • I didn’t warm up.
  • I’ve got a bag full of not so important things that I didn’t even use when I’m on the crater.
  • I never exercise.

Yah! I know what you’re thinking, I know I know! But I can’t help it! I really love a Mount Pinatubo day tour for my birthday! As I was walking through an endless (seems like) path, I experience all the feelings at the same time that a man could ever experience in his/her entire life!

I’m was on my worst but I still appreciate the beautiful disaster made by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo 24 years ago. I was amazed by the lahar mountains (they look like mountains but they are not, so I decided to call them lahar mountains). I still managed to chit-chat with our tour guide and asked why do we have to walk this loooong under the scorching heat of the sun and the lack of wind. Good thing there is still cold water on the river, I splash on my body every now and then so I can still go on. Aahh so refreshing!

So Kuya, the tour guide, said that during rainy season you really have to walk long because the big rocks scattered on the way and the 4×4 can’t pass through anymore. But! After the rainy days, the locals go there and help each other to put away all the rocks (big and small) and put it on the side so 4×4 can pass through and you don’t have to walk that loooooong! And I was like………………..Why didn’t I find it on the internet or no one ever told me about this thing?! I should went there on a summer days! Anyway, this is the road I chose  I can’t go back now so I’ll just have to continue and just be happy with my decision.

I’ve learned a lot anyway, and this experience is wonderful despite of what happened to me along the way. If I choose the shortcut (during summer days) getting to the crater is different. Different in a way I didn’t suffer that much so I prolly wouldn’t enjoy that much. 🙂

Mount Pinatubo Day tour is more fun! For me, it’s never the destination but the journey you had along the way. And! He said that never do shortcuts! It will do no good. Honestly, I enjoy the things like this. It’s kind of traumatizing but at the end of the day I have something to laugh at, I was tested, We are tested, and everything. Ok fine, every place I go through there’s a story like this. My friends know, because they are like this also hahaha sshhhh! Our journey is never boring.

I wasn’t able to take pictures during the trek because I keep on asking “Kuya, malapit na ba?” I was also busy interviewing Kuya about everything about the place and their life there. Thanks also to the view it’s so relaxing even I’m exhausted under the scorching heat . My eyes and soul were really satisfied on our Mount Pinatubo Day Tour.

10:00 AM This is the starting point of the trek during summer days. The 4×4 Jeepney can pass through up to this point. Should I say this is where you will start if you want shortcut?

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

20 mins.? let’s see!

10:50AM Even senior citizen can defeat me?!

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Majestic indeed!

I don’t care how long I wander just to see the breathtaking view of the majestic Mt. Pinatubo! The views are really worth the pain! Scary but wonderful, incredible, and marvelous!

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Thanks to my best friend-partner for carrying my closet I mean my back pack when I can’t carry it anymore (literally I can’t continue the trek anymore because of my bag, I just want to leave my bag anywhere and just pick it up when I came back from the crater. I don’t care about what’s inside anymore). He carried his bag and my bag at the same time and Kuya the tour guide also help us carrying my bag. Thanks so much to the both of them! And also to him (I pray for extra energy) Thanks for giving what I needed.

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

We brought a packed lunch that we also share to some locals because obviously we can’t eat all of it. I don’t know what comes to my mind why I prepared so much food and bring it to the crater and complaint about why my bag is heavy.We leave the crater at exactly 12:00 PM and we were not able to go down because the way down there is close already (They close it already). I don’t know maybe they’re in a hurry to go back because it might rain. If the rain pours we will not be able to go back on the same day. Because the locals said that the rain water will rise in no time so if that happens we need to wait until the water subsided before we can go back to the 4×4 and finally go home.

A Wonderful Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Enjoyed the view, take pictures, and savor the smell of the place when the wind blows. I keep on doing this because I remember the place easily by the smell of it. And if ever I smell that particular smell again it feels like I’m on that place again. It feels so good! I’m happy doing that I’m like teleporting or something I can’t explain. I guess that’s our Mount Pinatubo day tour.

We reached the 4×4 Jeepney ride at 1:23 AM woah!! That was really FAST! What happened?! Why is that going back is always easier ?! OK let’s do the recap:

Ascent:  4x4 to the crater - 8:15 AM - 10:50 AM (2 hrs. and 35 mins.)
Descent: crater to the 4x4 - 12:00 PM - 01:23 PM (1 hr. and 23 mins.)

After my Mount Pinatubo day tour I have muscle pain all over my body and a smooth skin! haha! yes smooth skin! Surprisingly, my hair and skin (even the face) are full of ashes/lahar. You can feel it when you touch any part of your body that is exposed. I feel happy about it tho. Instant body scrub!

I’m so in love with the place I want to stay there forever. Peaceful, pollution-free (but definitely full of ashes/lahar imagine inhaling it everyday but still better than inhaling Manila’s pollution) and I also got sunburn. I will definitely go back there a thousand times and I still haven’t reach the water from the crater (haha). Aaaand I made it! I conquered the mountain as well as my self.

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