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Enervon wandering posh

Enervon’s happiness

I registered at Enervon’s website so I could give my special someone a free enervon pack but little did I know, Enervon also sent me my own Enervon pack. I thought It’s just for another person but they are so generous, they want to give the both of us (my special someone) our free enervon pack right in my door step. Our helper came to me and give the package, to my surprise I even ask her a few times if it’s really for me, funny me, because I didn’t make any online order and when I saw the package I was so kilig! Someone surprised me! I love surprises! <3

Enervon wandering poshEnervon wandering posh

Have you received yours already? Are you an enervon user too?

What’s your enervon story?

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