Lazy Day Outfit – Hubadera Edition

lazy day outfit

Lazy day outfit – Hubadera Edition

There are days that you want to dress up your personal style that will express who you are, your current mood, and everything. But sometimes you are too lazy to style your outfit and you just want something to wear. I got you! So, Here are some tips for a lazy day outfit that might help you. Whenever I’m on that moment I just remember two things.

  1. Sunglasses

I must always have this. Whatever you are wearing, sunglasses will always saves the day. Sunglasses are so versatile that you can wear it on casual, business, formal, or whatever attire. Especially on lazy day, just put it on and voila! This is such an instant outfit booster. It will look like you’re not on a lazy day outfit.

lazy day outfit lazy day outfit

  1. Character and/or statement shirt

I love character shirts especially my unicorn shirt/dress (I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a shirt or a dress but I can wear it both ways). Even if you are just wearing a simple shirt, as long as there are pictures and colors in there, the outfit is complete.

lazy day outfitlazy day outfit

Those are my lazy outfit tips that are very useful in times of need. But hey! Even you’re on your lazy day outfit you can still look glam in an effortless way. By the way, this is my favorite lazy day outfit because it’s like saying that I’m conservative but not all the way, kind of hubadera outfit. What do you think?

How about you? What’s your favorite lazy day outfit? or Hubadera outfit?

H&M  shirt/dress, Sunnies sunglasses, SM Department Store bag

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