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Instagram worthy OOTD

instagram worthy ootd

I love posing, it’s my human nature, I always love to pose every time there’s a camera especially if I have an Instagram worthy OOTD. I always practice it in front of the mirror, finding the best angle possible for future purposes like what if there is an unexpected photo shoot for something, I want to be prepared I want it to be perfect. In able to do that I always practice and I will share to you some of my techniques which I learned from watching models doing that and some are mine, sometimes If there’s a camera I automatically pose and It comes out naturally.

I’m no Kate Moss or Tyra Banks but you don’t have to be one (or you can be the next one) to have an Instagram worthy OOTD.  I love to do what makes me happy, and here are some of what I do that changes the way I see happiness. Here are my top 6 power poses:

  1. Jump

Jump all you can, everybody does it, even supermodels posing for a magazine cover do this jumping thing. But what makes it different is how you do your own jumping shot. You can’t photograph the same jumping pose twice. Even if you jump a multiple times, the way each person jump is always different and you’re able to appreciate the beauty that you capture in the air. Pose in the air be creative.  Show your creativity in jumping for photos. And finally, when you see the photo, it will make you happy that even just for a second we fly. Who wouldn’t want to fly? I always want to fly.

instagram worthy ootd instagram worthy ootd



  1. Walk

We do a lot of walking if we have a nice OOTD, we want to show the people that we look good on what we are wearing, aside from posing it to Instagram. While doing it why don’t you make someone take a picture of you while you’re walking. It will showcase your look, it will show you and the audience the different sides of your outfit that you like most and the side that you have best. Imagine the runway models the way they show the audience what they are wearing is by walking. They are walking the stage and you appreciate them more. You like the dress more when you see them walking, wearing the dress. So you know now go and walk and let the candid moments be captured.

instagram worthy ootd instagram worthy ootd



  1. Twist your body

This is the pose that comes out to me naturally. Although a lot of models do this but maybe it’s in my subconscious so whenever there’s a camera I tend to automatically twist my body a lot to show more angles. You can also twist your head a little bit or show more of your face angle while twisting the body. You can also put your hands on your waist like the most of the models are all doing.

instagram worthy ootd instagram worthy ootd



  1. Find a good background

Unless you’re a model posing for a magazine for a specific product you need to find a good background. The background will blend to your OOTD it will make a best Instagram worthy OOTD. Street arts are example of a good background you will find a lot of it in BGC here in the Philippines. But if you are far from BGC, a good background like in my picture is okay, that’s also an art. Another good background, my favorite, is nature. A forest, a garden, or beach will always do background wonders. When I’m posing for a good background I just do some legs-cross pose so i don’t overpower the good background. I want my photos to be balanced.

instagram worthy ootd instagram worthy ootd instagram worthy ootd



  1. Show your neck

This I do because I want to show the illusion of looking thinner. This shows that I have a long neck because it stretches (bye bye double chin) my neck and hides my imperfection which gives me a good picture, an Instagram worthy OOTD that makes me happy. When I do the show your neck I always add my hands so it doesn’t look like that I have a stiff neck.

instagram worthy ootd



  1. Smile

Last but not the least you SMILE! Enjoy. When you are posing for pictures it’s not necessary to always have a serious face unless you are posing for a magazine cover or something that will require you to have a serious face. If you smile don’t fake it, you should feel it. Enjoy the picture taking so the smile will comes naturally and it will look extra good in the camera. Believe me, even you don’t have the best OOTD to post for Instagram as long as you wear your natural pure smile you will be automatically happy even if you don’t feel it and by the way, it is contagious not just for a photo but also for a wonderful day.

Change the way you see happiness, smile and do whatever things that makes you happy as long as you’re not breaking the law and hurting other people physically and emotionally.

instagram worthy ootd


Change the way you see Happiness – Instagram worthy OOTD

I was able to change the way I see happiness because I realized, happiness is not just about material things. It is by living the way you want to be and doing things that makes you happy. I change the way I see mobile photography because Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. Perfect for my next thousand photos for Instagram worthy OOTD that I could share to all of you.

How about you? How do you pose for your Instagram worthy OOTD? Share it to the world through the comment box below. And also how and why you were able to changethe way you see smile happiness, love, adventure, friendship, and beauty? I’d love to hear your answers. Hope you enjoy this post as much as i enjoy doing it. Remember do more of the things that makes you happy.

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