#IamUrbanBrave to work on my health and fitness everyday

#IamUrbanBrave urbanize must-haves for health and fitness enthusiasts


#IamUrbanBrave , am I? I was the sporty type of person way back but when I was in college I forgot everything about health and fitness. I was focused on my studies and how to manage my time. Having a quarter term will make you kind of insane. I don’t know what to do first and what to finish first. Good thing, I survived all of that and now I’m slowly returning to the sporty lifestyle I used to enjoy. I do biking every other day for 2 weeks now. The mountains are also calling me, I already hiked 2 mountains and I love to hike more. But doing all those things is kind of difficult because I don’t have the proper things with me. Good thing there’s urbanize to find all the things that I need for each activity that I love to do.

I was so ecstatic to find these items in their website. #IamUrbanBrave to work on my health and fitness everyday now. Here are my 5 must-haves and might work for you.

  • Espro – Travel Press

#IamUrbanBrave Espro travel press

                Coffee lovers and tea lovers out there? I can’t survive a day without at least a cup of joe or tea. I’m also a health conscious now so I watch everything that I put into my mouth. I like brewed coffee and prefer not to take instant coffee so I could control the sugar that is on it. Or the tea that is from our backyard. I’m now obsessing on organically grown tarragon tea with mint and spearmint. Ahh! Writing it now makes me want to take a cup of coffee or tea. The next time I hike a mountain overnight I want to have my Espro Travel Press so I could make my own preferred beverage before I start my day on top of the mountain.

  • HydraPak -Shape Shift

#IamUrbanBrave Shape shiftPerfect for my next mountain trip. With Shape Shift I don’t need to uncap a bottle just to drink. I just need to sip on the straw then voila, I’m already hydrated. Also, perfect for biking, I can sip on it while my hands are occupied handling the bike handle. #IamUrbanBrave Shape shift #IamUrbanBrave Shape Shift

  • HydraPak – Stash

#IamUrbanBrave Hydrapak Stash I’m not into running but I’m trying my best. Running is a good exercise/sport. I can take my stash whenever I decided to run. Or I can brave the urban life to run because I have the very cute stash that is BPA free (which is difficult to find nowadays). I don’t need to buy bottled water anymore to take with me even I’m not running. Who doesn’t need a decent bottled these days for everyday use? #IamUrbanBrave Hydrapak stash #IamUrbanBrave Hydrapak stash


  • Jelt- Belt


#IamUrbanBrave Jelt belt

#IamUrbanBrave Jelt Belt

                 Do we need a belt? Yes! For fashion purposes. For me, anywhere I go and whatever I do I should always be in style. Jelt Belt has a modern retro design which is a classic fashion and I like classics. Not to mention that it is recycled from plastic water bottles. Instead of throwing it away to the water and pollute our environment, wear it, be in style, and save the environment and the combat-wounded veterans. Yes, for every 1$ for sold belt goes to that organization. With Jelt Belt it’s a fashion with a cause. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Qliplet by Lulabop

#IamUrbanBrave Qliplet by Lulabop

                #IamUrbanBrave to hike another mountain, trek, and bike with this Qliplet. It will be very helpful in those activities. It is not for climbing but I could use it when hiking and if I have lots of stuff (which I always do) so I could be hands free. I can hang anything and clip it on my bag. It’s not only for the activities I said above but also for travelling and everyday use.

Sometimes I don’t feel like doing any fitness activity but if I have cute and useful things with me, I’m getting motivated to start right away. Feel me? These must-haves products make me urban brave. #IamUrbanBrave now.

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