How to remove makeup using Sunflower Oil

how to remove makeup

How to remove makeup

So, how to remove makeup if you have oily and sensitive skin like mine? Sunflower Beauty Oil is my go-to makeup remover. It removes stubborn make up and it has Natural ingredient. It only has the purest premium-grade sunflower seed oil. Nothing else! 100% Natural ingredient, I’ve been using this for 4 years now for all over my face. And it really does magic on removing my make-up and dirt every time I go out. For complete list of the use of this sunflower beauty oil, just visit this link.

Guys, this is my first time to do a video like this how to remove makeup, plus the voice over. I hope this will be helpful to you and hope you enjoy and like it. Don’t be shy to comment or suggest anything if you like something or you don’t like about the video. And also give me thumbs up if you liked it.

How to remove makeup as easy as 1,2, and 3. It’s amazing how sunflower beauty oil removes all the dirt on my skin. I just applied it on my face with makeup. And you will see that the make-up on my eyebrows, the eyeliner, and mascara is all gone just like that. It really removes the make-up so easily. I don’t need any make-up remover with harsh ingredients that irritates my skin and cause dryness. It has no alcohol guys! And even if it’s oil, it is good for my oily and sensitive skin!

How to remove makeup

Thank you HHN for the product like this! I really love this.

After removing my makeup I used my facial wash the “So Gentle Gel cleanser” for my oily and sensitive skin. And this one is from Dermax. I’m loving some of the Dermax products lately.

how to remove makeup

This is not a sponsored post (but I wish). All of the things I said is purely my opinion and based on my experience.

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