Going back to school

Going back to school

Going back to school

Outfit like this reminds me of school days, it’s like I’m going back to school. I was in a school/institute where uniform isn’t a thing so we can dress up depends on our liking. I remember my first month as a freshman, I always dress up and didn’t repeat clothes for the whole month. After that, subjects are getting difficult, schedule, and deadlines are side by side. I don’t have the time to think if what’s the best get up to wear. Instead, I just bought t-shirts with exact design but different colors and just choose the color that I want to wear for the day. And starting to buy school’s statement shirts from different orgs and made it as my “uniform”.  Not to mention my best buddy is jeans!

Going back to school Going back to school

It’s difficult to dress up every single day with your busy schedule, though it was fun but priorities. Important things first. Besides, I’m not an artista or a model or a blogger that requires to wear the best clothes every single day. As long as I’m neat and presentable, that’s good and enough to survive my clothing journey for a day. I just called it my classic pieces. I suddenly became a fan of classic outfits. Going back to school and dressing up classic outfit like this is comfortable and still stylish, at least for me. What do you think?

Going back to schoolGoing back to school

Going back to school

How I miss college, I mean my friends, dressing up, the everyday commute (I don’t know why I miss this thing), the happenings, and most of all the unlimited walking. You have no idea how much steps I take every single day when I was in college. Clue? I spent majority of my day walking. If you are curious about my recommended most comfortable shoe ever, you can check it out here.

Going back to school

After all, going back to school is a great idea.


  1. This is the perfect everyday school outfit.. I really like it ^^.


    1. LA

      Yay! Thanks, Nikoline 🙂

  2. Such a cute and comfy outift x Mary


    1. LA

      Thanks, Mary 🙂 and yes, super comfy.

  3. Love the outfit!
    It seems to be very comfortable and beautiful at the same time 😀


    1. LA

      Thanks, Patricia. Very comfortable, indeed. ❤️

    1. LA

      Thanks, Carolyn <3

  4. you look so cute! I love the mini bow in your hair!


    1. LA

      Yay! Thanks, Yuka <3

  5. Great outfit, I love your bag. Gemma x

    1. LA

      yay! Thanks, Gemma 🙂

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