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Giving back —My 2016 story

giving back

Giving back

On giving back

If 2015 was hello countries (not to mention the full sponsored trip, and yes even pasalubong. Thanks to that company), then 2016 is time for giving back. I feel that we have an obligation to give it all back because we received so much than expected. So, we set our goals for 2016 as giving back and we succeeded.

Folks, I will not tell everything in details and will just give you an idea. I celebrated my 25th birthday differently, and this is the greatest decision I’ve made in my life. Although I don’t usually celebrate it with a party like inviting friends and socialize, Instead I always go on a trip. A trip with my family or with friends or Jay. But this July 2016, is different, I celebrate it by giving foods to the street children I see almost every day whenever I go to a certain place. I skip the yearly trip to give back the blessings I received. I didn’t say this to brag about what I did but to encourage you to do the same.

Christmas time, instead of buying expensive gifts and spending so much in buying clothes and other fashion accessories for me and family, I saved all my hard-earned money on giving back. I still got my fashion needs by minimizing the quantity of my purchase. By doing that I was able to save for my goals. You get me? I got what I wanted (clothes, shoes, bag, and even perfume) but also able to help! I was able to save a lot from a DIY perfume, see here what I’m talking about.

You got my point?  Save a little on your every purchase or instead of buying 10 clothes, you can make it 5 or 7 and save the money for the remaining 5 or 3 clothes and use it to buy foods for the street children or the choice of your needy person. Yes, you can’t help them forever but you can help them survive their day. Who knows, when that day you helped them is the most difficult for them and you didn’t know you helped them for their life time. You can still enjoy your usual doings, just save a little to help. And don’t spend too much beyond your earnings, live within your means. This one is to help yourself. And to tell you this is my favorite “live within your means”.

I’m happy about this because this is the biggest move I’ve done in my life. Yes, I do charity works before but this is the biggest. It’s not only giving back but also realizing things. And! I wasn’t wrong in giving more.

“When God calls you, do not be afraid of trembling and wobbling knees, for He will be with you.”

giving back

On realizing things

On realizing things, it’s also like giving back. For me, I think! To him of course. (up there)

There are so many realizations this year, from simple to complicated things. For simple, like when I’m afraid of spiders I usually kill them as soon as I see them near my bed or just when they’re inside my bedroom. But I realize that they deserve to live, and not because I’m afraid of them I should kill them. I must deal with them like face them or shoo them away from my bed or bedroom. Or I should just get a jar and chase them and free them to the wild. Just like in life, when I’m scared of something I shouldn’t just give up or just pass over things. I must face it and deal with it and always do the right thing.

For complicated things, I was very surprised that I’ve grown this far. I don’t even know myself anymore! And this one is for the better.

Giving back

giving back

On trying to be healthy

All my life I was so thin, and I’m obsessed on becoming sexy! I prefer to be called sexy than beautiful and healthy. Then I became fat­­­ — overweight/ obese. ­I hate it at first, I curse everyone but didn’t realize that it is purely my fault. But then I learned to accept it and just live my life being overweight and realize that I’m having difficulty in breathing. Whenever I’m doing simple things like walking from my bedroom to the front door and even on doing heavy things. It’s not healthy! Then I decided to became healthy rather than just sexy. That experience is such an eye opening and you can read my experience on my weight lost experience here.

giving back

On being in love

They said that if you survived 7 years together then you will be together forever. Haha! I want to believe on that! 2016 is when Jay and I turned 7. So many ups and downs and that guy has a big part of my growth. And Up to now, I’m proudly say that I’m still in love and I’m lucky to be still in love.

giving back

By the way guys, this is one of my favorite shots! dream shot, baby!

On my overall experience for 2016

I love what happened even if it’s not good, I learned a lot though. I achieved my 2016 goals, and I hope you learned a thing or two and inspired you. 2015 is more likely my dream year but 2016 is still the best. And, 2016 is Wanderingposh’s year. I became happier, realize a lot of things, I’ve grown so much, and make people around me happier. I’m always thankful even on the simplest things.


Happy New Year everyone. Welcome 2017!




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