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First time of doing something

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I’m always fascinated with first time, first time is always extraordinary. It was always great and incomparable because no matter how hard we try, nothing’s ever exactly the same as it was the first time. I remember the first time I rode an airplane, I was with Jay and it was also his first time. What he did was talked about plane crush and narrating the final destination movie. A topic to boost our mood, we were energized and motivated to fly more miles. Seriously, I was too busy appreciating the sea of clouds to listen to his story. I was in awe when I saw that for the first time, dreams do come true, I said to myself. They’re like cotton candy I want to eat them.

first time

Why first time?

My first plane ride experience was during my 21st birthday. I want to do something different for my birthdays, something I’ve never done or experienced before. It was my first time to go to the tropical Island of Cebu, which later on became my favorite province of the Philippines, and we wandered. We stayed there for a day because our only goal is to ride an airplane for the first time and experience edge coaster. We then realized our big mistake, there’s a lot of reason to love Cebu and we wanted to stay a few more days because we were already in love with Cebu but we can’t. His declared leave wasn’t enough and I had a class that I can’t afford to miss. But we didn’t waste the time when we were there. We explore Cebu as much as we can.

First time adventures

We planned to hire a cab and explore the city as much as we can, but we then decided to commute to experience the Cebu life. Commuting in Cebu (or other places you’re not familiar with) was an adventure, communicating was our small problem. Some of the people we encounter can’t understand Filipino and English and we can’t understand Bisaya. So, we understand each other through sign language, funny it was, but we and our new found friends started to laugh but we were still thankful to them for the effort they made just to help us. Bottom line, we reached our exact destination without getting lost. We made it to Lapu-Lapu Shrine and souvenir (pasalubong is the most important haha) shop. We hoarded T-shirts and Pilipino’s favorite souvenir, keychain and ref magnets.

first time

Our favorite was when we reached the Sutukil restaurant near Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Yay! Cebuano are really great chef! We ate like as if there’s no tomorrow because who can’t resist those scrumptious food?! After that we headed to the star of the day, the crown regency to try the edge coaster. We wanted to try zipline and sky walk but the management said it was not allowed at that moment because of the super strong wind. Actually that was July, so basically it’s the typhoon month. And there was a typhoon in Manila during that day and that’s the explanation of the super strong wind. Anyway, edge coaster was still available so hooray! We also tried their 4d experience (not first time) in which we were the only person inside the theater and it’s kind of scary.

first time

first time

first time

  The night lights of first time

We achieved our goals and ended it with the beautiful night lights of Cebu. We stayed outside, on top of crown regency hotel to appreciate the night lights, the high place, and the super strong wind. It was kind of romantic and a fun way to celebrate my 21st birthday with new adventures, experiences, and memories. I took the chance to try all of these even just for a day. If we can do it all in a day, why not pursue it? We might not know what could happen next. After our first time adventures we headed to the star of the night which was the most awaited Lechon Cebu (oh man this was the best part of that travel adventure). Cebu Lechon is indeed the most delicious Lechon of all time! I swear on Chanel!

first time

The moon was shining bright for us. yay!


  1. busyandfab

    Good on you to love Cebu, it’s my favourite place in the Philippines because my family is there and it’s where I went to uni.

    1. LA

      It’s my favorite too, we came back (future blog post) and I can’t wait to share how amazing other parts of Cebu is.
      Thanks busyandfab <3

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