My first Blogapalooza Experience

First Blogapalooza Experience

And this is my first Blogapalooza experience

I’ve been blogging for 3 years now but only 3 months as an active blogger. I have had never attended any blogger events at all. Because I don’t know anything about it until I found Blogapalooza and so excited for my first Blogapalooza experience. Blogapalooza is the one who connect Businesses and Bloggers directly. This sounds a win-win situation for me. So, I registered and I got an invite, and got to experience my first ever Blogapalooza. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. When I arrived at the location there were brands and fellow bloggers enjoying their stay at the event. It cheered me up and I started to enjoy it too.

The brands did a great job to make their booth entertaining. I enjoyed the games to the point that I almost forgot that I’m with Jay. Good thing is he is also enjoying and learning from the speakers inside the tent. So, I continue to wander and met a few people. For an introvert person like me this is an achievement. I actually survived the event (alone but not really). LOL! So, all in all I really enjoyed it and learned from this experience.

There’s a thing that needs improvement like the venue where the brands and bloggers were interacting. We’re in the Philippines and staying under the sun for the whole day is stressful for all the people who attended the event. Although there were covers it was still hot.  But the good thing is there is a good lighting where you can take lots of photos.

Also, I wish there are meals to eat and we’ll make a review in return though the snacks below are good. Not to mention the amazing innovation of Jack n Jill’s Chippy. Every time I heard “Chippy” it reminds me of my childhood where I used to dip it on Mayo. But Chippy’s innovation is better especially its flavor. I also love the San Miguel’s Choco drinks and their Nutella Bun (I forgot to take a photo because we were too hungry).

First blogapalooza experience

I saw name tags on the past Blogapalooza blog posts. Actually expecting it on that day but I haven’t see any. I like the idea of my name on a name tag and it says “Blogger”. Ahhh so much blogger feels, making me feel that yes I am officially a blogger. Anyway, going to that event is also fulfilling.

I’m also looking forward for a coaching session, like 1 on 1. Like you can speak to one of them and ask questions and they’ll give advice and everything. Hopefully next year they have this kind of stuffs.

First Blogapalooza ExperienceFirst Blogapalooza Experience

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If you’re a blogger and want to be a part of this event next year, click the link to visit their page.

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