Ooops I did it again crop top

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Remember crop top?

Crop top are back on track. I’m feeling a little nostalgic whenever I see someone wearing it. Although I was an innocent human being during 90s, but I saw a lot of people wearing it. Crop top is so versatile, you can pair it with mini skirt (like mine) and your casual look is complete, or you can pair it with your midi skirt for a semi-formal look. You can also pair it with your jeans and good to go to school, and etc. I remember Britney Spears wore a lot of crop tops during 90s, which by the way is my most favorite during that time because she can back dive, Badass Britney. Every time she danced she was in crop top so people could see her awesome abs! Oh I love Britney! I associate crop top with Britney Spears, like she can’t be Britney Spears without the crop top.

crop topcrop topcrop top

crop topcrop top

What’s with the crop top this millennium?

But seriously guys, I’m so hungry right now while doing this blog post. I can’t help it, it’s really the best thing ever, food. I mean the design of my t-shirt. When I first saw it I suddenly fell in love. Paired with this amazing skirt that I can pair with smart casual and regular casual (that’s what I call it) outfit. The skirt will be the star of your look whatever outfit do you want. And by the way I don’t mind wearing the same sandals over and over again because this Fitflop is a heaven for my feet. It is so comfortable and doesn’t hurt my feet but my legs because I always forgot that I’ve been walking for a long time. That’s how comfy this is, even I walk for more than an hour my feet don’t mind it just my muscles in legs due to excessive walking.



Jukaykay top, HM skirt, Fitflop sandals, Longchamp

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