A day of the past


A day of the past in Intramuros

This story is a throwback where I was still studying and spending every day of my life in Intramuros. We were dismissed early in class so my friend and I have decided to continue our “walk with me” adventures, this time in Intramuros. We decided to go in Fort Santiago, but the time we were there, some areas were under construction that’s why you’ll see it later in the pictures. The last time I went there was during my elementary days, and I remember a few details about the place, I almost forgot that memory because when I came back there it feels different. I don’t know what exactly it is but I’m sure there is something different.


Photo opportunity with The Guardia Civil. I was trying to touch him so I could travel back time to see what happened years ago but apparently he’s from our time and I couldn’t travel back time, that will never happen.

wandering posh

wandering posh

wandering posh

We mimic the happenings that we encountered in our everyday commuting and I admit I was doing some of it. Which one? I’ll better keep it to my self.

Fort Bonifacio is a citadel inside Intramuros which was built by Miguel Lopez De Legazpi. Fort Bonifacio is known as “kulungan ni Rizal” (Dr. Rizal’s prison). It was time to go home but we passed by Casa Manila Museum so we decided to wander inside.

Casa Manila in Intramuros

I really love everything about vintage like the heritage architecture like these. But I also admire how they preserved it very well. Too much history for a day.

The photos are from my friend’s (My phone/camera was empty battery at that time), all of the photos with me and without me are her wonderful perspective.

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