Cloud time-lapse (stock footage)

cloud time-lapse

Cloud time-lapse (stock footage)

Hello folks, if you follow my blog you already know that I’m obsessed with clouds. If not, Hi I’m LA a wandering posh and I’m obsessed with clouds. Whatever mode of photography, if there’s clouds, name it and I’ll shot it! If you want to see more picture of clouds whoring click all the links here, here, and here and enjoy! It can be your temporary escape to your freaking bad day. Watch my video, It’s so relaxing. It’s not long but I enjoyed taking cloud time-lapse video and I’m sure you’ll too.

It was just yesterday, a bit cloudy but I’m still in love take it. Although it was just yesterday it’s still a stock footage.

 These days, I’ve been addicted to time-lapse photography. I found it so amazing and entertaining. Given that I love to take pictures of clouds and imagine different animals to it, it’s time now for more cloud time-lapse.

If you want to know what camera I’m using—It’s a GoPro. And if you also want to know the settings, it’s 1080, wide at 60fps. I found 60fps the best on cloud time-lapse.

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If you like the post like this I’ll try to have more stock footage like this.

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cloud time-lapse

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