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FSJ shoes- Is it worth it?

fsj shoes

FSJ shoes OMG! I’ve just discovered a wonderful shoes brand. Its name is FSJ shoes stands for Funny She Jill. FSJ shoes is synchronized with the international fashion. I like shoes like every woman does, in fact, when I saw their designs I’ve fell in love at first sight, second sight, and nth sight. Not …

Going back to school

Going back to school

Going back to school Outfit like this reminds me of school days, it’s like I’m going back to school. I was in a school/institute where uniform isn’t a thing so we can dress up depends on our liking. I remember my first month as a freshman, I always dress up and didn’t repeat clothes for the …

December Wish List

December wish list February Lifestyle Chanel Mia clarisonic Althea Iope

Cold winds, typhoons, and thick wallets, indeed December is coming. December is such a big a deal in Philippines. There are a lot of bonuses, gatherings, reunions, and many more happenings. So, almost a lot of people love December. Not only because of material things but also because we are celebrating the birth of our …

Vintage – Travel back in time

Vintage dress

There is something, I called connection, between me and everything vintage. Something I couldn’t explain and only I could understand. Sometimes I feel I was born long before and just given a chance to experience the world of today. You would say I’m an old fashioned person if you know me. And yes, I’m kind …