Bona Vita – The pleasure of drinking coffee the healthy way

Bona Vita

Bona Vita The Healthy Coffee

Whenever I’m travelling I always bring instant coffee or tea. Because coffee/tea is life! I always want to make my own coffee every time I’m craving. And indeed I’m a caffeine dependent life-form. I mean, who doesn’t love coffee. I always start my day with coffee or tea – both have caffeine. And I always try different brands and flavors but as long as it’s coffee or tea I love it! In my journey of trying different brands and flavors of coffee/tea, I found Bona Vita. Bona Vita is a healthy coffee. Their tag line is “The pleasure of drinking coffee the healthy way.”  Sounds good, right?

It has moringa oleifera also known as “dahon ng malunggay” here in the Philippines. My mom’s Tinolang Manok always has moringa oleifera leaves because of its numerous health benefits.  She always makes sure that we will eat these nutritious leaves.

It also has Mangosteen – my favorite fruit. I remember my college days, I always go to Divisoria so I could buy cheap but sweet Mangosteen fruits. It’s so easy to go there before but today it’s too far from home.

With my two favorites combined plus Acai Berry and Guyabano, then poof! Bona Vita was born. Also, Acai Berry and Guyabano has its nutritional benefits.  You can check it out here in their website. This is the explanation of their tag line. Now, I could get the benefits of my two favorites (Malunggay leaves, Mangosteen, and coffee) in 1 product – the Bona Vita coffee. I’m so excited to try this! I think I’m going to have a new love.

Do you want to try it too? Let’s try it together! But below is my affiliate link (if you buy through my link I will earn a little commission that will NOT cost you additional fees. The price in my affiliate link and the price in their website is the same.). You could buy the Bona Vita coffee through my link below.

If you already tried it, please let me know your opinion through the comment box below. Ok? I’ll wait for it. And also they are having a Christmas SALE which is Buy 1 Take 1! so Grab it now!

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