Best features of OPPO F1S

best features of oppo f1s

Best features of OPPO F1S

A lot of us are travelling alone because we need it or we just want to. However, our biggest problem is who will take our pictures. Or, how will I take good pictures of myself?  In case you need to go to an event where you don’t know everybody and you need a good picture. Perhaps, you will go to a bazaar to go shopping and there’s a good spot to take a selfie. Whatever is that unexpected happenings, nowadays, most of us just use our phones when taking photos especially when in beach. You don’t want to bring your bulky DSLR every day, don’t you? So, we just put our phone in a waterproof case then poof! Ready take shot! Bring it anywhere, everywhere, anytime! Here is a little list that will surely help you the next time you travel alone.

How to take good pictures when you travel alone

  1. Self-timer 

First of course is self-timer because no one else is there for you so this is very useful. But! When we use a self-timer it’s difficult to adjust the focus of the camera. As a result we have a blurred face, too much lighting, or too dim. On the other hand, one of the best features of OPPO F1S is selfie expert. When you selfie and use the self-timer you can take good pictures even the background is too bright. Or even the place is too dim because it has F/2.0 aperture. That means that more light is entering the camera and it enhances its sensitivity. You don’t need that selfie ring light anymore to take a natural-looking selfie. Plus the 16MP front camera, a great smart phone innovation.

If that isn’t still enough for you, you can beautify it. There are 7 levels to choose on depending on your liking. You can also adjust it from fair to rosy for extra natural-looking shots.

best features of oppo f1s best features of oppo f1s

  1. Selfie stick 

Do I need to explain more? I mean, who doesn’t need this? Another one of the best features of OPPO F1S is the selfie panorama. Have you experienced that there is such a wonderful background and you try to selfie but you can’t take a good picture? You just need to take that selfie stick out and set it to selfie panorama.  Voila! You can now capture yourself with a good wide background (not just your face).

best features of oppo f1s

  1. Video screenshot

When you don’t want to use a self-timer you can use this method. Just take a video and screenshot any moments you like the most. You can use the rear camera or the front camera. OPPO F1S has a 13MP rear camera and 16MP front camera. Best features of OPPO F1S it can take wonderful night shots, picture or video, which can take detailed shots/video.

best features of oppo f1s

  1. A quick touch button

There are times that you are not prepared on that moment. Or like you saw someone you like, there is a beautiful migrating bird up there, or something. You don’t have much time and you want to capture that moment in a snap. No problem my friends, one of the best features of OPPO F1S is the quick touch button. Just touch that button baby and snap it, it’s done before you notice.

That would be my favorite! I have lots of moment like that. This is perfect for me, don’t you think? If you think so, then view this blog post as many times as you can and share this so many people can see this so I could finally get this amazing OPPO F1S.

best features of oppo f1s

  1. Memory card

And this, my friend is my biggest problem, bigger space for my unlimited pictures. Some smart phones have dual sim but the other slot is for sharing for another sim card and memory card. What if you both need the dual sim and the memory card in that exact moment? That is why OPPO F1S is here. One of the best features of OPPO F1S is it has a dual sim slot + an individual SD slot. How was that? As good as your pizza!

best features of oppo f1s

And that’s it. Hope this helps to solve your problem when travelling alone. Or if you are thorn of what phone to buy just look at this post. If this helps you, don’t hesitate to share it to others so you could help them too.

Click the link for full specs and check this Taking the #perfectOOTD with OPPO F1S for some tips for a perfect OOTD shot.

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