Being alone is ok and my first vlog

Being alone is ok

Being alone is ok

Being alone is ok. Memories so clear to me, when I entered college I can’t be alone. I can’t eat alone, I can’t go to the bathroom alone, etc. Although I used to commute by myself, but trust me it was difficult. As I continue my college journey, life begins to f*ck me. No one ever told me life was gonna be that way. Good thing, my friends are always there for me and we were f*cked by life at the same time. It was kind of a relief I must say. Despite of that, I’ve learned a lot. So much actually that I’ve learned to be independent. I’ve learned to do more things alone. Before, I used to think that being alone is lonely. But through my journey I’ve learned that being alone is completely different from being lonely. Yes, I am being alone and being happy about it.

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Being alone is so surprising, relaxing, and enjoying. That’s not mean I don’t enjoy being with my friends. I do and it’s so rewarding to be with them but being alone is something. It’s a totally unique experience but that doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable. Today, it seems that there is something wrong with you when you are alone. I adore extroverts—those who enjoys the crowd more and have myriads of groups and circle of friends. We think that having large group of friends is the only way to survive the day. That you can’t move forward if you don’t have large group of friends. That you must find a large group of friends.

Being alone is ok

In fact, not everyone agrees. I don’t. I remember, way back in college my colleague sat beside me and asked this question, “why are you alone? Are you not lonely, you look lonely because you are alone.” and then, I explained to her that my friend is still on her way (though it’s 5 mins before the class) and I don’t feel lonely and I was actually happy and too many thoughts are running on my mind that time. That I don’t have to be lonely because I’m alone and I actually enjoyed it. And then, I told this story to another friend who also loves to be alone. My other friend doesn’t agree too, and I think many of us will not agree too.

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If you enjoy being alone or an introvert, there’s nothing wrong with you. And know that you are not alone. You are not the only human being that feels that way. Welcome to the club.

I, being an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy being with a group or being the center of attention occasionally. But I think that it is not where I will grow more as a person.

 For extrovert, don’t assume that it’s nothing to you. If I could enjoy myself in a large group, you too could enjoy yourself all by yourself. It’s worth it being alone. It’s such a beautiful thing.

Being alone is ok

At the end of the day, you’ll discover more of yourself and learn a lot. It’s a very practical thing while living and growing up. Because people in your life will come and go, you’ll never know who will stay or who will not. And being happily alone is your survival skill in this life who will always f*uck you no matter what you’ll do. As Ned Stark would always say “winter is coming”.

Attached is my very first vlog. There’s still room for improvement, I know. I’ve started like this but know that it will not end like this. In my vlog, I was alone. Watch what you can do alone and how to enjoy being alone.

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