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You’ve been bamboozled, friends!


Remember friends?

Who else love to binge-watching? I love to binge-watch every time! It’s like my vitamin c, my energy. The last time I binge-watch I’ve been so hooked! Who wouldn’t be? What is the TV show? It’s The Friends! The 10 year TV show that I binge-watch for almost 2 weeks (with my everyday routine). I want to end my everyday routine immediately just to watch another episode of friends. It’s a meaty show, friends. I literally rolling on the floor laughing and the f.r.i.e.n.d.s  lines, that when you hear someone telling it you know it’s from friends and nothing else.

friends wandering posh

What’s with friends?

I still remember some scenes out of nowhere even though I’m done watching it for more than a month now (exactly the way when I was watching it). Like this time, I’m posing for pictures and suddenly “you’ve been bamboozled” popped out of my mind. How Ross and Chandler are too serious for the game (“I don’t believe contestants are allowed to talk to each other”) and suddenly, Chandler!, you’ve been bamboozled! But Chandler still thinks that it is the best game ever! Imagine, I was in the middle of  a photo shoot and then “bamboozled!” Jay, who’s taking pictures suddenly laugh too even though he didn’t know why I’m laughing. It’s just that I look funny, he said. Look at my pictures and imagine how I hold my laughter just to take good photos.

friends wandering poshfriends wandering posh

You know what?! He thinks I’m crazy and I might really need to see a doctor, because there’s a light rain and he thinks I was affected by it. Oh friends! You can never be boring with friends, indeed. I want to sing…..I’ll be there for you…… (clap!)

friends wandering posh

Here are some of my favorite lines from friends.

“It’s not what you said, It’s the way you said it” –Joey to Chandler

“pivot!” –Ross

“nestle toll house” -Phoebe’s voice and accent

“Just because you don’t understand something , doesn’t make it wrong” –Joey

“How you doin’?” –of course you know who


Here are just a few of my favorite lines. How about you, what’s your favorite “I suddenly remember the one that something and makes me ROFL”? Share it on the comment box below. Enjoy!

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