A new start for 2017

a new start

A new start

A new start for a new year! New Year’s resolution? I always have a problem with New Year’s resolution. Not only I’m not good at making plans about my life and do it as it is! But also, New Year’s resolution is always made to fail. Because our hopes and the way we want it to happen is too unrealistic. If we really want to change something to our self, we can always start anytime! We don’t need to wait for another new year to start anew.

But that doesn’t mean that we need to throw our resolutions in the air and let the wind blows it. Keep it and just do it! small or big move, just do it. Keep on doing whatever you started and when the time comes you will eventually finish or achieve it. When you’re done it’s time to set another goal, a higher one. Make this higher goal as a reward from your previous achievements. But remember, what successful people said—put a deadline on your goals. So, technically you’re the only one who knows when is that time.

a new start a new start

A new start

As for me, I achieved my 2016 goals and it’s time to have a new start.

1. I will do more of what frightens me.
Why? Because rule number 1 is never get comfortable. We will not be challenged if we get comfortable. We will not grow if we get used to it. And by doing the things that frightens us, we will be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is the right thing to do to get better.

But if we get stressed, we often choose to do things that is easy instead of what’s right just to ease the stress that we feel. This will give us short comfort but more fear because we choose to get comfortable. We didn’t face our fear—the stress. We should rest but not stop or choose other easy way and run away from fear. If it frightens you to face stress, then practice how to deal with it but don’t you ever choose easy ways.

a new start

2. Take care of myself more
What I mean is eat more healthy foods, and try to be a morning person. Although I’m on my journey to a healthy lifestyle and doing some little exercises, I think that being a morning person is healthier and gets all the benefit of a healthier person—hello body clock.

a new starta new start

3. Give more
I know this was from 2016, but that doesn’t mean I need to stop it. In fact, I wasn’t wrong in giving more.

And aside from these three for a new start, I just want to say that we need to face the real world. Yes, we are in the digital world now but we still need to face the real world. I mean it’s not always about the fancy things like how to do my makeup and I want to travel more kind of things. It will not always be about “the soft spoken, sweet-smelling Sansa, who loved silks, songs, chivalry, and tall gallant knights with handsome faces.” But it is more of “my skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel”.

Winter isn’t coming, winter is here! You get me? If not, then start watching Game of Thrones and I just can’t wait for season 7 this year!

Sweet days are over and let’s all face the badass real world. But always remember to always spread the love. XOXO

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